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    • no contracts

      No contracts, no credit checks, and no activation fees. With Straight Talk there are no mystery fees or surprise bills.

    • best coverage

      Keeping you connected—no matter what—Straight Talk offers nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable 4G LTE? networks.

    • best plans

      Unlimited talk & text, plus the high-speed data you need. With Straight Talk you can get everything—for less.

    • best phones

      An unparalleled selection of the latest smartphones at unbeatable prices; Straight Talk has the right phone for you.

    • keep your own phone

      Keep the phone you love and save by switching to a Straight Talk plan you'll love too.

    Easy All-in-One Payment

    Pay Monthly

    Get the smartphone you want today and pay over time. Make your phone and service payments through an easy-to-manage online account. Pay monthly or exercise your early purchase option and save on your total fees.

    This is a lease-to-own transaction. Not available in MN, NJ, WI, and WY. Customer will not own the device until all payments are made, but may be able to exercise an early purchase option.

    Best Phones

    Choose from the latest phones.

    Shop Phones

    keep it

    Switch to Straight Talk, keep your phone and save.

    Learn More

    best plans

    Choose the right plan for you.

    view plans
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